Photography for Parents Workshop

As a parent myself, I realise that..well..sometimes people just want to take photographs themselves. There can’t always be a photographer present for all of those little moments that make life so special, especially with your children. So that is why I have developed a series of fun and exciting workshops aimed at helping you capture more natural photographs of your children with out the need to shout “Sausages” or “Cheeseeeeeee”.

No matter what your skill level, or whether it be a Smart Phone, Compact Camera or DSLR, I will show you how to capture natural moments while having fun both in front and behind the lens.

There are three courses available over the coming months to help you develop your skills and become your families own Ansel Adams! The first course will be;

No More Sausages

6 hours

Hebburn- 12 Places per course

£49.50 (includes tea & coffee and biscuits, a certificate…and a high five!)

***New Date Sunday December 7th***

The clue is in the name with this one, I want to help you capture those magical moments that make our children so special without those cheesy and forced grins! This workshop will look at fundamental elements of photography, together we will go out on a location shoot….where we can practice together….yes with real kids! Although there will be some technical elements to the day, this will be a very relaxed session, with lots of fun, lots of tea and coffee’s and even biscuits! The course will include the following sections;

Introduction and Icebreakers
Camera Principle Basics- A brief introduction and explanation of your camera settings
Environmental Vs Studio Portraiture- Pro’s and Con’s of both
Composition Techniques- The best angles to shoot from, what to avoid (no more big nostrils!)
A real shoot out on location to practice what we have learnt
How to set up a home studio for very little cost
Reviewing of images
Session Recap and Feedback
So if you think you, your partner or someone you know might be interesting in popping along to this course, please visit the link below to book and as always if you have any questions or queries don’t hesitate to get in touch!

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Feedback from the May workshop:

Chris, workshop was great today! I’ve certainly come away knowing more about aperture, ISO, DoF, textures etc. I just now need to put it all in to practise. And thanks for the fun ‘models’ also! Extra treats for those are in order I’d say. I’m about to upload some of the shots from today. When and if you have a mo, have a look and let me know what you think. Again, many thanks….. it was an enjoyable, relaxed, informative day……Alex

Loved the course and the chance to chat to other enthusiasts. So much so, I’ve already purchased one of those great over the shoulder straps and I’m currently researching which prime lens I’m going to buy!!! Help! this is going to cost!! The nicest part of the day was tearing round the park with the boys, they did a great job. I am feeling better now and am looking forward to more time with my camera….Sue

Had a fab day learning all sorts of interesting things about photography! Came so close to booking wedding things… All I need is for the boy to propose….Laura