Our style

We've all seen the photographs of children in the awkward pose, with perfect hair and clothes and a gleaming smile featuring loads of teeth right? Yeah, that's not what we do....

Kids these days have so much personality, style and attitude and that translates amazingly into photographs. Whether it be a family portrait with a difference, or shots of your child alone we will capture the individual personalities and show them off in the best way.

We shoot the majority of our sessions out on location- this gives you the chance to relax in open surroundings and without the pressure of the big white walled studio setting. It means you can visit your favourite place; whether that be a park, beach, city centre, etc.

But, if your looking for the studio type finish, we can bring that to you in your home too. We find that (especially with newborns) children feel much more relaxed in their own home with their own sounds and smells which means we can capture much more relaxed and natural images!