Engagement Shoot

One of the things I offer every couple is an engagement shoot or E-Shoot for short. This basically means we will go somewhere whether it be a city centre, a woodland or the seaside and capture some beautiful, fun and relaxing images for you to give you an opportunity to see the sort of things I might as you to do on the day.

As part of this you will receive a signing frame, like this one, to display and have signed by your guests on the big day!

I love doing something different for your engagement shoot so I am open to any wacky ideas, but even if we don't have wacky ideas we will still have beautiful images for the two of you to treasure.

We will usually spend a few hours together for your engagement shoot and incorporate a meeting over a cup of coffee somewhere nearby so that you can tell me how the plans are coming along for the day itself.

See some examples of recent engagement shoots here